Why am I coming to the #Lote meetup in Strasbourg?

« Pourquoi viens-tu à Strasbourg? Ce qui a motivé ta décision.
Qu'est-ce qui te vient à l'esprit? », me demande mon amie Lyne.

The Council of Europe is looking for citizen experts to contribute to a conference about the transition of youth to an independent active life. That’s you: this is our life, and we all are experts in it. We need session leaders, presenters, discussants, visualizers, bloggers, social media ninjas, journalists, interviewers; everything that makes a great conference.
During the conference the Edgeryders community and European policy-makers altogether will meet to share and discuss results of the augmented ethnographic study of European Edgeryders carried out from November 2011 to June 2012. The main result of this conference will be a structure of a shared document, the final output of our study and concentrates all the expertise from the Edgeryders communit.  Also, it will be consistent with a shared, negotiated vision of transition to a rewarding, active adult life toda, as it is depicted by our citizen experts.

First of all I'm coming to the #Lote conference because I was personaly invited and warmly requested by a real pioneer Edgeryder named Lyne. A good and precious friend of mine though I never met her before, except on Edgeryders via (John F Moore's) Citizens in the Lab, LinkedIn or Twitter. And this makes sense for me, because that's for now the first, best and quickest way we all can meet each other, better know each other, share values and ideas, and rapidly build something new, something nice, something great for a greater Europe.

I'm coming to the #Lote conference because I like bad jokes, then I suppose we all together should be able to fish for a lot of lotes from river Ill during two fishing days with a lote of european big fishes...and may-be some young fishers and future leaders.

Seriously, I'm coming to the #Lote conference because it is about Europe, Citizenship and Youth and I do believe in this Only Trinity, since I ever was a fervent European franco-belgian citizen. And since I am forever young, well, hope so.

I'm coming to the #Lote conference because I am prepared to and I would like to share on big ideas like citizen personal empowerment, open democracy and open gov, cyberdemocracy*, transition initiatives and new political movements, collective and adventive intelligence in social networks, historical dissipative structures and event flows, crisis events, migration flows, social, cultural, communicational, economical or ecological flows...
A lot of flows for the #Lote fellows! Who have to prepare to pass the rapids and survive, again and again.

Finally, I'm coming because, like most of you Europeans I guess, I'm now living on the edge. What else?

HappyJacky (JD)

* Those who should like to read my French better than my English should be delighted with this extra task: